DJ Italiander

tribal house

For Some dj’s, music is more than just their passion or occupation-it’s the reason for their existence. Dennis Italiander is a Dutch Dj Producer from Holland and has been performing and producing for the past several years. 

‘I like to play music that has a certain twist.’ He credits Laidback Luke as one of his biggest influences for wanting to become a producer. Italiander’s individual mixes shift seamlessly through genres and coloured with both the rich seam of melody and lush lolling groves. 

His past performances include Bloemdaal XXXL, Homebasse, ONS feest, Fright Night, Secret Underground, Clooney, Moomba Theater (Motreal Canada), and more. 

With the window of global opportunity opening he is rapidly gaining a taste and skill for the larger stage festivals such as EDM festival Fantasia etc. His future aspirations are to continue producing, performing and showcasing his talents to the world.

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