Hardmiz (MAR)

edm – bigroom – hardstyle

Hardmiz (2000) is my talented DJ and Producer and lives in Morroco.
He makes EDM/BigRoom/Hardstyle mixtapes and very creative remixes and bootlegs.

He is inspired by Hardwell and makes for Catestar Music a Hardwell Tribute with the hotest Hardwell tracks.

Ranked As the 80th in spinin Record talent pool 2017 in 2018 his mixtapes had ranked him the 25th in hardcore charts , 39th in hardsyle charts and 64th in big room charts and that’s all with Catestar Music.

He returned to the charts in 2019 with his track called ‘OBLIVION’ with ‘LENNART DE WILD’ relesed in ‘D-FORCE RECORDS’ , ranked as the 14th in the trance world charts aside ARMIN VAN BUUREN as the 13th , 

After ‘OBLIVION’ he released a new bigroom track called ‘DAMAGE’ Supported by LUCA TESTA and many producers . 
‘ETERNITY’ have grown after one month , known as the hybrid trap soul . 
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